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VHF Radio and Skipper Courses offers the most interactive training you can experience in urban and natural surroundings. You will achieve your goal to become a skipper when you are guided by the right people.

Certificate of Fitness

Certificate of Fitness (COF)

COF done by an approved SAMSA/SADSAA appointed surveyor for all KZN & SR & DTD boats less than 9 Meters. Arrangements can be made to do the surveys at your home if required.     A traveling fee will be charged.

Please bring the following hard copy documents with you:
Copy of ID
Copy of valid skippers ticket
Copy of the new VHF Radio Operators Certificate
Copy of VHF Radio licence for 2020/2021
Copy of valid buoyancy certificate
Must have VHF radio on board (Will need to see the radio)
All safety equipment must be up to date, fire extinguishers serviced for 2020/2021, Life Jackets must also be available on the day for inspection.
Version 8 document must be filled in and signed by the owner and each page initialled at the bottom of the page.
All safety equipment must be marked with the vessel number as well as the trailer.
Also need the light weight of the boat (You will have to weigh the boat and trailer and then just the trailer.) If you need a new buoyancy certificate
Also need inspection covers fitted so I can look at the buoyancy

Download COF Safety Documents

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