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VHF Radio and Skipper Courses offers the most interactive training you can experience in urban and natural surroundings. You will achieve your goal to become a skipper when you are guided by the right people.

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VHF Radio & Skipper Courses KZN

Welcome to  VHF Radio & Skipper Courses KZN. We offer a range of Skipper Courses depending on the Vessel you wish to  be certified to  use. 

Skipper Courses

We offer the following Skipper Courses.

  • Category R
  • Category E
  • Category C
  • Category B
  • VHF DSC Radio Courses

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Certificate of Fitness (COF) done by an approved SAMSA/SADSAA appointed surveyor for all KZN, SR and DTD Sport and Recreation Boats. 

We also do SAMSA accredited VHF Radio Courses as well as Conversion courses.

Arrangements can be made to do the surveys at your home if required. 

Getting Started is Easy

Knowing you are one step closer to becoming a certified Skipper is an exciting adventure. Whether you are a Fisherman or a Sea Captain, A Lake Skier or a Speed  Boat enthusiast, we can assure you the best relevent certification for your needs! 

getting your adventure started

The things you will need to get started. 

  • Certified Copy of I.D
  • x 6 Colour I.D Photos
  • Medical – To be completed on SAMSA Documents.
  • Eye Test – To be completed on SAMSA documents.
  • Log Sheets – 25Hr Signed off by competent Skipper.
  • Log Sheet – 12 Surf Launches can only log 3 launches per day over 4 days.

Become A Skipper !

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